Abandoning Paradise

Chapter Three     Crossing Italy

It's a Music Blog

James Corachea and Lefty Unplugged were playing tonight at Cat's Art MusikCircus but I missed their performances as I'm not yet accustomed to the Central European time zone.  Greece is on Eastern European.  While I can't tell you about their performances this week, I can tell you what I have said before that each give unique performances and uniqueness is the hallmark of performances at Cat's Art MusikCircus.  I'm not trying to sell you anything but rather inform you as Cat's Art MusikCircus is quite different from most other venues.

It sucks to miss the show as the music is important and the time with Cat is very much so as well. Don't fear for this discussion getting all romantic as we say very little to each other during concerts, sometimes we don't even say anything. My ol' Dad would get it as he told me a long time ago that talking to friends is good but the best friends are the ones to whom you don't have to say anything.

A big part of this adventure is not just to keep the scooter but to keep my guitar.  While flight fares are not so terrible, baggage fees are ridiculously high and, even with my limited amount of stuff, that would be a problem.

It's probably unlikely there will be anywhere to play along the way but never rule out anything.  Life is much, much too crazy for that.  What may definitely be possible is to play at the MusikCircus.  It would be a hassle unloading the stuff but it could be done.  The biggest problem for that is the difference in electric wall plugs from one country to another.  There's no difference in power, only in the configuration of the plug that goes into the wall.

While I haven't seen anything that really screamed for a photograph yet, there is a place on the west coast of Italy that looks incredible.  It's Bussana Vecchia and it's been there for almost a thousand years.  Now it is home to a colony of artists.

Wiki:  Bussana Vecchia

Now that I'm finding a better balance I can start looking around more although it wasn't my research that found Bussana Vecchia, Cat told me about it.

So, tomorrow I aim to go through Bologna, an interesting challenge in itself, and then hopefully past Modena as well.  Whenever I'm able to find WiFi, I will plot these places on the Map so you can see each stop.  The main determinant of the path is which way to avoid mountains.

Music will come.

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East Coast of Italy

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