Abandoning Paradise

Chapter Three     Crossing Italy

The Man in the Fountain

The man in the fountain
didn't know what was wrong
he just knew he felt such pain
at having lived for so long.
He threw off all his clothes
as he stood there with a knife
and then it was his plan
that the blade would end his life.

The police were all around
on this gorgeous summer day.
They told him to stand down
but he couldn't hear their way.
As one of them came closer
he felt yet another threat.
Now the cop would shoot him
but it wasn't over yet.

He stepped to the policeman
but still he held the knife
and that's when they shot him
and ended his short life.
The cop said he had no choice
but he could have backed away.
The man was no threat
but still he had to pay.

These times are very hard
on those who feel too much
and when they need it most of all
is when they lose their luck.
He lay bleeding in the fountain
as his blood flowed to the pool.
and all the papers ever wrote,
he was just a naked fool.

But people started crying
this violence has to end
And the people will be heard
This violence has to end.

This story is true and it took place in Berlin a couple of days ago.

Cat told me of the news and it pains her deeply this happens in Germany. I hadn't even thought of weapons in almost a year and it's unusual to be going toward rather than away from them.

I don't even carry a pen-knife but I have no feeling I need one. The saving grace in such news is that it is so rare and it won't change my thinking for whether I need any defense as I travel. Onward with the adventure.

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