Abandoning Paradise

Chapter Three     Crossing Italy

Making for Genova and the West Coast of Italy

It's about fifty kilometers to Genova on the west coast so I will make that easily.  I know there are many campgrounds along the coast and my hope is that I will be able to find one.  I haven't even seen one since Monday so we shall see.  I know for sure that will cost about twenty euros which would still be expensive but much, much better than a hotel.

It may not be possible to get WiFi but you know I will be trying to find a campground that also supports it.  Yes, I know even McDonald's has WiFi in America.  This is not America and WiFi isn't free at McDonald's anyway.

My words for the day are 'mi dispiace' (pronounce mee diss-pee-ah-chee) and these mean I'm sorry in Italian.  I'm sorry I'm a stupid Scotsman who knows no Italian.  As with Greece, the biggest charm of Italy is the people but it must really suck to be beautiful here as everyone is.

I will try to get more pictures today as it's very important to me to share this as much as possible.  Something that's amused me about the articles I wrote on Greece is the ones on shark attacks are getting a great deal of attention.  It appears Germans have a lot of concern about being lunch when they swim.  A much bigger concern is getting stung by jellyfish as that happens constantly all around the Mediterranean.

This probably looks like the Silas Vacation World Tour but I haven't been swimming anywhere.  Mostly I like seeing people and things as, to me, that's where the real story lies.

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Making for Genova on the Coast

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