Abandoning Paradise

Chapter Three     Crossing Italy

Village on the Way to Genova

On the way to Genova I discovered my plan to avoid mountains was not altogether successful but the going was not difficult and I saw some beautiful places along the way.  Here is a small village where I stopped briefly. After going back over the map, I have still no idea of the name of the village but what a wonderful place to be. For anything major, Genova is not so far off but from here it looks like it could be light years.

You can see down the road that the terrain is definitely much more rugged than it was for the relatively flat parts of the interior of Italy. This isn't what I was trying to dodge as my thinking was the mountain roads in Wyoming. If you run a scooter on those, boy, you are going to die. These make the scooter work harder than I really want but the riding is fine and it's beautiful to see.

This was such a lovely place and there was very little here apart from homes but there doesn't need to be anything else.  This is not just a small street within the village but rather it is the highway on the road to Genova.

Everywhere on English sites you will see Genova called Genoa.  The interested student can try to determine why the 'v' was dropped as there seems little purpose to it other than insulting Italians.  If you say Genoa in Italy you will most certainly be corrected.

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