Abandoning Paradise

Chapter Three     Crossing Italy

Finding Italia

Now that I'm well away from the east coast, the tourist development is behind me and I'm seeing the real Italy.

Castel del Giovanni is a small city in the middle of Italy. This is not the oldest building in the city as those date back to the 13th Century but this one is obviously quite old. Here is a view down the street from the municipal building.

People were hanging out at each of the cafes and they weren't tourists as they obviously lived there.  This was very much how it was in Greece and it was entertaining trying to talk to some guys at one of them when they asked where I was going.  Greece is Grecia in Italian and we got it together that I started there to go to England but there wasn't much to do with what I will do after that as I have no idea I will do after that.  They didn't speak English and I don't speak Italian but smiles and hand gestures say a lot.

Just outside of town I shot some pictures of the countryside.  The terrain that had concerned me appears to be not more than rolling hills.  It was my intention to drive around anything higher than that and it appears to have worked.

This is looking south and there are definitely higher elevations down that way but I've driven around that and I'm pleased that it has worked.

Right now I am in Tortona and I'm not so far from Genova on the west coast of Italy.  Cat tells me I should be able to find inexpensive camping there and that will be very welcome as I haven't even seen a campground since Monday morning.

Once in Genova, I'm not so far from Sanremo which is home to Bussana Vecchia, the artist colony.  That is not to be missed and I'm thinking that it will likely be Friday that I get there.

The Map is being updated with each location but this one uses the Google Street View. It did not work on an iPad but reverted to a map view which is acceptable. Desktop machines should have no trouble with it.  I hope you're enjoying the ride as, despite the difficulties, I am.  It's a hard ride but things don't necessarily have to be easy to be good.

Symptoms that were pushing this run mitigate with getting out here and away from the computer as pushing away from the machine is inevitably healthful. Left to myself, I would head for Spain to find someplace ridiculously cheap and hang out to wait for Cat. I know if I ignore what was happening then the same thing will happen as in Greece and I will only have to leave again.

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Street View at the Municipio Building in Castel San Giovanni

The street view is from where I spent some time here.

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