Abandoning Paradise

Chapter Three     Crossing Italy

Arriving in Ancona

Arriving in Ancona, Italy

It's extraordinary to me how it is instantly an obviously different place.  From what I've seen so far there has been a major drive for modernisation but Greece did not do that and it was a great part of its charm.  One thing is for sure that you will never know Greece if you just visit for six or eight hours off a cruise ship.  I don't suppose you would ever get to know anywhere that way.

Somewhere in Italy ... No Idea Where

After landing in Ancona, I headed out of town but this turned out to be vastly more difficult than I hoped.  I am now well south of there but I have no idea where.  The ferry docked at 18:30 or so and ever since then I have been trying to find someplace to sleep with one premium level of exhaustion repeatedly telling me, dude, you are so screwed.

The balance problem with the scooter is because it’s not at all like a motorcycle. It’s much like what I imagine what it would be like to enter a horse race with an elephant. The scooter wanders all over the place and anything coming near it upsets it. There’s trick riding on a motorcycle in doing wheelies and stoppies but that kind of thing is more or less predictable. The difference is that no-one knows the steps for the dance the scooter is doing.

Before I get riding again I will tear the load back down and will abandon anything not needed to keep a B-17 in the air.  I'm sure you've seen those kinds of movies.  If it's this or the plane going down, it goes out the window.  You want guitar passion ... it's no exaggeration that I've risked my life for this one.  This isn't a whine as I am very damn glad it survived and I've still got it.

This is present moment so it gets us caught up.  I'm sorry I couldn't post an update sooner but there was no possible way and that's why this story is a series of them.  I couldn't even find a cafe between here and the port with WiFi.  I'm staying in the Hotel Girasole and the rate is €50 which makes a profound hit in the finances but I was to the point of putting the sleeping bag down on the side of the road, I just couldn't see anywhere a cop wouldn't have easily busted me for doing it.

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Ancona, Italy

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