Abandoning Paradise

Chapter One     Paradise

Time Melts Like an Ice Cream

The Fort Worth Rock House is one of the best places I've ever known for making music as the noise doesn't get outside too much and the people inside are very cool about it. Yevette has been my very good friend for over ten years now and I've stayed here every so often. She doesn't say much about it but she has been one of the biggest supporters of my music and the gratitude for that can only be expressed through music as words aren't even close to enough.

"Ice Cream Blues" is one of the songs recorded most-recently here at the Fort Worth Rock House and this one says it all for me. The song is blues format but how blue can anyone be with an ice cream cone in your hand. So don't let it melt. Enjoy that ice cream as otherwise you will definitely be singing the blues and the ice cream will be gone.

Time does melt like an ice cream and the song tells the rest of that story. It is melting quickly for me as I can't get any medical care in America and the situation is getting progressively worse in a variety of ways.

There is only one answer: if you're dead anyway then sell the Galactic Peace Tour truck and go to Greece. So I will. Somewhere there is Paradise.

Thanks to the Texas Tornado, nephew to Yevette, as he wasn't so tall but he gave a lot of height to the song. You all know how fast they grow as you probably have some of your own so you know very well time really does melt like an ice cream.

Thanks to Sundance and Andrea for setting up the flight as the proceeds from the sale of the truck would have been demolished without their support.

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Fort Worth, Texas

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