Abandoning Paradise



My father, Alex, taught me about adventures in taking the family most of the way around the world and in the way he approached just about everything. This joie de vivre may have been his best gift and he and my mother will always be very much loved, appreciated, admired, many things.

Anne, my mother, had quite a sense of adventure of her own as she went right with Alex on one incredible jaunt after the other and he was one tough guy but she was even tougher. Toward the end she told me the thing she loved most about him was his willingness to do anything she wanted. Things are not always as they seem.

This dedication also goes to the beautiful and loving people who helped me along the way. This adventure would never have been possible nor would it have had any chance of succeeding without the immense help from Cat Boucher, Susan Cossette Eng, Kevin and Helen Farrell, Alistair and Rhonda Fraser, Dick and Diane Longabaugh, Harry and Nathalie Loutas, Donna Sladovnik, Un-named Saintly Fella, Gillian Soper, and Larry Wessner. Much love to all of you and I hope this story goes some distance toward showing my appreciation for your love and support.

My special thanks to Cat Boucher for loving me and believing in me. She encouraged me to do whatever crazy thing came into my head and she knew full-well I would do it.

Just prior to leaving Scotland, I have a special thanks to my sister, Alexis, and my brother, Alistair, who have rescued me from an extreme situation and from which I could not have been extricated otherwise.

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