The Story of Charlie Chaplin and the Greek Kittens

The yard at Harry's place outside Katakolon, Greece, was very large with multiple houses on the property, a tremendous number of olive trees, and a surprising number of cats. Charlie Chaplin was one of them and, hopefully, still is.

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There is more about Harry's place at BioLive Paradise (external Web site but I have made some updates for Harry and I know the site is clean).

If you want a holiday that's more than a float-by with options on t-shirts, get in touch with Harry via BioLive Paradise. Off-season rates are very much lower because it's cooler and not much happens. There is plenty of time to get to know people, learn some Greek, and find your way around without running into crowds. Greece is by far one of the most wonderful places I have ever lived and the most wonderful people I have ever met.

My deepest thanks and love go to Harry and Nathalie Loutas as they made me feel like part of their family, even inviting me to come to Easter services with them at the tiny Greek Orthodox church in San Andreas. That was the only church in which I ever felt anything beyond interest in the architecture and it was just a tiny place in which, at most, thirty or so people could meet. If you don't see this side of Greece, I don't believe you really have seen it at all. The Greek family is a very special thing and has been for thousands of years.

Kastro Beach

The beach at Kastro Bar wasn't exactly part of Harry's place but it was only a short walk away. This wasn't a bar for old rummies to get their shots of whisky with a beer chaser as it was much more a cafe for families, although the younger kids probably were taken home when the beach parties started as they were big ones.

Kastro was shut down for a week or maybe it was even a month because the beach parties had been so outrageous the previous season. For all you hear about Greece burning, you sure couldn't tell it at Katakolon. Outrageous means fun in Greece, everywhere else they are making it illegal.

Outrageous doesn't mean tasteless; it just means fun and Greeks are very good at it.

BioLive Paradise

BioLive Paradise is actually a closed olive plantation and that is not uncommon as many, many Greeks grow their own. This has been happening for millennia and the olive is much more than a simple food product.

If you eat like Greeks, you will almost certainly live longer. That means put olive oil on everything and don't use, well, you know the other kinds. Olive oil will either be top shelf for eating or lower shelf for frying. Use it with some feta cheese and tomatoes on some Greek bread and you will have a meal that will never ever do you any harm.

Probably there are no questions on why kittens like to play here.

The Arrival

It was wandering around the yard at BioLive Paradise that I discovered the kittens. This was off-season so very few tourists were around but they would not have seen the kittens anyway. They just sail in on their cruise ships, go to Olympia, buy a t-shirt, and then leave. Here's a story tourists will never see.

This was The Arrival when I first discovered them. Every cat I had ever known had been neutered so I had no experience with kittens and I was fascinated. Cat Boucher and I followed them meticulously as to is their health ok, are they getting enough to eat. Don't you worry, those kittens got plenty to eat.

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Show me The Kittens

It was good-bye to Charlie on the last one as everything was about ready for me to try the long ride to Edinburgh. When last seen, Charlie was doing well at the food bowls of the Frenchies who catnapped him. Bribed him with better food, they did.

Pro tip: Charlie is not a tomcat. She isn't even male.