Alex Fraser

Geneticist and Painter

Alex Fraser This link will bring you back to the page you are reading now. Alex was a friend to world-famous geneticists, Formula One drivers (Brabham), jet aircraft designers (Buckle), TV celebrities in Australia ... the list is extraordinary. Some of their thoughts are represented here.

Anne Fraser This is an interview recorded not long before she died but her thoughts are clear and her recollections of Alex are fascinating to hear.

Art Gallery This page was last updated on 8/11/05 to add photographs of Alex's wall paintings from the Biology Department at the University of Cincinnati. Professor Larry Erway shot several hundred photographs as the paintings are literally all over the place and I very much appreciate the time he took to do it. I no longer live in Ohio so it would have been impossible for me to shoot the pictures myself and I had never even seen some of them.

David Fogel This is an extraordinary tribute from David Fogel, a man who never actually met Alex but who had an exceptional understanding of his work and, at this level, perhaps knew him better than anyone else ever did. The parallel between this and "A Beautiful Mind" is extremely moving personally and I thank David Fogel for everything he has done toward the recognition of his work and toward the remembrance after his death.

Robert Caster The emphasis has shifted from missing him to remembering back to whatever cool / interesting things he did with people, a good deal of which were way-out cool things.

Bob and Alex built the SouthWestern Ohio Regional Computer Center (SWORCC) and it was one of the most powerful systems in the area. It was an impressive collaboration but it should also be remembered they threw parties that became legends. After them came the House of York under which the place fell apart largely because the Yorkers wore tartan golf pants to parties and no-one wants to go to a party with golfers, what would be the point.

Genetics Links These are Internet resources collected by Professor Larry Erway of the University of Cincinnati and they can be used to track Alex's individual and collaborative publications.

Wikipedia I wrote the initial article on Alex but it has since been modified and I have no idea who did it. I'll add more as time permits. (Of marginal interest may be the fact that I had some difficulty getting the article submitted originally because Wikipedia saw a copyright conflict between the content I had submitted and the content here on this site. It didn't matter that I had written both.)